Winter Window Kit

In this Kit you will receive 1x 500ml Ice Away Glass Coat and 1x 500ml De Icer ( in case you forget to use the Ice Away ).

Both bottles come with a spray head ready to use.

Ice away glass coat will coat and protect your windows to prevent ice forming and snow forming meaning no more defrosting your car for 10 minutes every day.

Simply spray on your vehicle windows before they are frosted over e.g the night before. wake up ready for your day ahead without the worry of defrosting your car as your vehicle is good to go.


Heavy rain after applying it will dilute the products effectiveness

De Icer has a fast acting formula to break down and melt ice and frost from your windows and is super effective down to -20C and helps prevent further refreezing, to avoid refreezing completely check out our ice away glass coat. simply spray on the frosted or frozen areas such as windows to quickly melt away ice without the hassle of using a scraper.


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