Clay Mitt

The Clay Mitt offers a number of advantages when it comes to removing bonded contaminants from your paintwork or glass. While the use of both tar and iron remover makes the decontamination process quicker and safer, the use of a clay mitt is still required in many cases to ensure complete contaminant removal before polishing the vehicle.
By using a special kind of polymerised rubber (bonded to a microfibre mitt), it is able to remove bonded contaminants when rubbed over exterior surfaces to create a perfect smoothness. It can be rinsed completely clean with running water, meaning that it not only has a far greater life expectancy than a clay bar (up to 7 times as long), but also does not have to be thrown out if you accidentally drop it. The biggest benefit the Clay Mitt is that it offers a significant time-saving.

The Clay Mitt does tend to leave a little marring behind if your technique isn't spot on. With a little practice this becomes minimal. after your first few attempts you may need to do some corrective polishing. Our Extreme Gloss or Purple Glaze is great for using after to remove the marring from the paintwork.

The Clay Mitt size is 14.5 x 21.5 cm 


1. Ensure surface is washed and dry before use.

2. Spray the clay side with suitable Clay lubricant. ( Our Quick Detailer works great )

3. Spray clay lubricant on to surface and gently work with the clay side of the mitt until surface is smooth to the touch. (keep the panel wet at all times, spray more clay lubricant to stop cloth sticking.)

4. When surface is smooth buff with a microfibre cloth or re wash the vehicle and dry.


Note: If you drop the Surface Prep Mitt on the ground, simply rinse it with water. Do not use harsh detergents to clean the mitt. A mild shampoo and water solution is all that’s needed.


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