Ceramic Coating

Evein Car Care Ceramic Coating is the best layer of paint protection you can apply to your vehicle to protect the paintwork from scratches and swirl marks, acid rain, bird droppings and UV damage when left in the sun which would normally stain and eat through your top layer leaving it faded or worse. This can be used on bodywork and wheels although you will get around 1-2 years on wheels due to the extreme heat in that area.

How long does it last? Once applied properly following our instructions you should see around 3 years protection on average. It could be longer or could be shorter depending on your routines, how often you wash the vehicle, what you wash the vehicle with, and how many miles you do.

How To Apply ( Please also read the Preparation Guide below the instructions)

1. Wrap the provided suede cloth around the provided applicator block and drip 3-5 few drops of Ceramic Coating on to the suede section and lightly apply on to the cars paintwork, you should do this evenly by using a cross hatch pattern (up and down then left to right) and do it on a section of around 60cm by 60cm at a time.
2. Wait around 1-2 minutes depending on the temperature of your work area. You will see the coating flash (dry) and now its ready to remove. If you wait to long before removing you may cause yourself extra work removing it so don't get distracted by other things.
3. Now its time to remove it. Use a clean lint free microfibre cloth, wipe the coated area remove any excess coating, bringing it back to a brand new finish.
4. Next use a a clean high gsm microfibre cloth such as our 500gsm cloth or similar and repeat the buffing to make sure all of the residue is removed.
5. All done. Just double check each panel to make sure there are no high spots or uneven coverage. If you have any high spots just reapply to that area and remove the coating following the same steps as above.

Always BIN any microfibres or cloths that has been in contact with Ceramic Coating as the residue will crystallize meaning if you use it again it will most likely scratch and damage paintwork so always bin these cloths after using them.

What now? Keep the car inside or at least under shelter for 24 hours after application. For maximum cure time don't wash the car for around 48-72 hours after application.

Whats included?

30ml Ceramic Coating
1 Applicator Block
1 Suede Cloth.

Preparation Guide
For the best results you should follow the preparation guide.
Wash and dry the car
Decontaminate the car with Fallout Remover (Iron Away), Tar Remover and then use the Clay Mitt or a clay bar to bring the paintwork back to a super smooth finish.
Generally you should machine polish the paintwork to remove any imperfections, swirls and any other scratches but we know from chatting to our customers that most people who don't detail cars as a profession wouldn't be doing this, just be aware that you will be sealing any swirls and imperfections into the paintwork for 3 years but if you aren't bothered about fixing them anyway then there is nothing to lose.
If you are polishing by machine or by hand you should now wash the car again using a strong dilution of Citrus Power or use an IPA wipe to remove any polish from the surface. Now that the car has been prepped you can apply the ceramic coating following the steps above.

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