Evein Luxury Car Care has built up an incredible reputation as one of the UK's most experienced and recognised vehicle detailers.

With over a decade of experience in the detailing industry and our own scientifically developed range of luxury products with our worldwide customer base it allows us to provide results that's unmatched.

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£50 Full Valet

  • Exterior & wheels cleaned and decontaminated
  • Hand dried with our 1000GSM Drying Towel
  • Tyres treated with our Supreme Tyre Gel
  • Exterior polished with our Purple Glaze
  • 1 Coat of our Nova 289 Sealant
  • Interior vacuumed
  • All interior panels cleaned and treated
  • Interior and exterior glass cleaned
  • External plastics & rubbers treated and sealed
  • Exhaust tips polished & restored (if applicable) 

£90 Protection Detail 

  • Full valet as above +
  • Exterior tar removal
  • Seats shampoo’d & fully dried or leather treated and sealed
  • Wheels protected with Hi Temp Wheel Coat
  • 1 coat of Gloss Boost Liquid Wax
  • 1 layer of our exclusive Ceramic Infused Wax to protect the paintwork long term.

Extra Services

  • Ceramic Glass Coating to repel water and dirt while leaving your windows cleaner and safer for longer - £99 
  • Ceramic Wheel Coating to repel water, dirt, brake dust and other road grime, leaving your wheels super easy to clean and looking amazing £99
  • Ceramic Bodywork Coating will help repel water and dirt and also help prevent swirl marks and scratches to keep your car looking its best at all times along with making it much easier to clean. From £250+
  • Paint Correction process to remove swirls, scratches and scuffs making your car look almost like brand new or even better. From £350+

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East Kilbride

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0800 820 2060