Ultra Gloss Wax Coat


Ultra Gloss Wax Coat is a unique hybrid wax containing natural wax along with Si02 to give the perfect easy to use product.

No smudges, smears, streaks and even when over applied this amazing new wax will still remove easily meaning its now easier than ever to top up your cars protection.

With very impressive hydrophobic properties it will begin to work immediately meaning your car will stay cleaner for longer as it repels water, dirt and other contaminants. 

Major Beading effects

Durability up to 8 months protection ( depending on usage and products used for maintenance ) you may see longer or shorter timescales based on your own wash patterns.

Easy to apply, easy to remove.

This product comes in a 100ml aluminium jar with our premium black wax applicator.

We recommend 2 coats for extra protection and added durability.



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